14 January 2012

Birthday Blues

Last night at a basketball game, a friend of ours said to me, "You are now the mother of three adults." That's because yesterday was our youngest daughter's 18th birthday. But wow - what a way to make a gal feel old.

The birthday girl's day began with her dad taking her out to breakfast as he's done every year of her life. Then she had to go on to school, which in my opinion, is just wrong. Don't you think kids should be given the day off on their birthdays? Of course, as a senior with a bad case of senioritis, she's taken many other days off so far this year, so I guess it all evens out.

Then she had a basketball game in the Bangor area, which is two-hours away from home. Being the devoted sports fans that we are, we made the trek up there, but we did it by coastal route. We even made a stop at my favorite Big Chicken Barn Antique & Used Book Store and had dinner at Dysart's Truck Stop. All this without the birthday girl, of course, who had to make the long trip by bus with her team - through freezing rain and slush.

The game was disappointing as she didn't play much and the entire team seemed to be in a funk. They lost to a team that is ranked far lower in the standings. As if that weren't enough, the coach, who had emailed all the parents telling them their daughters could ride home with them this ONE TIME, changed her mind after the loss and made the girls all ride back on the bus as punishment. This, after many parents made the long drive up to the game. Happy Birthday!

So we began the drive back, only to find that I-95 just south of Bangor was covered in ice and the snow was coming down fast and furious. We crept along at 25 and 30 MPH, only to see many cars slide right off the highway. It was a nail-biter, but we made it in just over three hours.

This morning, our newly adult daughter had to wake up early to go to her forced-volunteer job with the rest of her team of coaching elementary school children in the area, and then they have practice this afternoon. And then she works tonight. But we will celebrate SOMETIME. I have two - yes, TWO - cakes on order from The European Bakery and then - THEN - we will have fun.

Being the mom of three adults is much harder in many ways than being the mom of three small children. I would have disagreed if someone told me that at the time, because I'd have argued that at least the adults can wipe their own bottoms and tie their own shoes; but now I see that back then, at least I had some semblance of control over their lives.

These days, my babies have big kid problems over which I have very little control, if any at all. When they hurt or suffer, the most I can offer are hugs and prayers. Usually I have to stand back and watch from the sidelines (literally, in some cases) while they learn their own lessons and fight their own battles. And I have to smile strongly so they won't know it's absolutely killing me on the inside.

But that's what we moms do, isn't it?

So, for my girl who was recently voted class clown of her senior superlatives, here is one of her many senior picture photo shoots. This should clear up the whole "class clown" thing, in case there was ever any doubt.

Happy Birthday to my darling daughter who always makes us laugh. You are precious to me and will always be my baby girl, no matter what the calendar tells us.

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Cara R said...

Cute pics of your daughter! She is beautiful!