29 February 2012

To do:

1. Stop pretending Spring is here.

2. Make sure there is gas in the snow-blower.

3. Check the Weather Channel website every half hour.

4. Bring firewood to the basement.

5. Pause to realize I never bothered to learn how to use the generator (see #1).

6. Pause to wonder where generator directions might be.

7. Happily remember we've lived here 13 problem-free years without a generator.

8. Make room in garage for two of the cars.

9. Check to see what local friends on Facebook are saying about the storm.

10. Look at weather forecast in Arizona and cry.

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19 February 2012


No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, nor have I lost my mind (regarding the title of this post). I've been busy. February in Maine usually puts us all in hibernation mode, but with temps far above average (actually temps that are UNHEARD OF) I've been in Spring mode.

Meaning, I've been doing all the things I usually do in April. Cleaning out closets and cabinets, rearranging, deep cleaning, and painting. Oh God, the painting.

About a month ago, my 19yo daughter, who is taking a semester off from college due to health issues, told me she and I ought to paint our kitchen cabinets. This, after I'd been lamenting about how chipped and scratched and UGLY they were.

So we started the project in mid January, and I figured that with a little perseverance and time management, we could finish them in a few days.

Well, guess what? She helped for a total of about ONE HOUR. Not that I'm bitter or anything, but it's been a huge job. And part of the problem is the staging - the taking off of hardware, putting doors and drawers on newspaper covered card tables, and doing all the layers of primer and paint, complete with hours of drying time.

No, I'm not finished, but I am on the home stretch. I hope to do the last of the painting tomorrow and Tuesday, and then put all the hardware back together on Wednesday. Then I'll post photos, you can be sure.

Of course, this is in between lugging in firewood (yes, it's warm but we're talking Spring-in-Maine warm, not summer warm), and doing all the other aforementioned things, as well as the day-to-day stuff.

As my very sarcastic son would say - "first world problems." Yes, they are. I'm not complaining, just reporting. Even though winters in Maine mean extra hard work, at least we HAVE firewood and a wood stove to burn it in, as well as a house full enough to need cleaning and purging. And cabinets that need painting. Oh the painting!

Yes, I am very thankful.

ESPECIALLY for this warm days...

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