28 April 2012


Our daughter spent yesterday in Boston with a friend. They visited Northeastern University and scuttled around the city, seeing the sights, going to museums, and eating the great food.

And the best part? They stopped at Maria's Pastry Shop in the North End.

And brought back cannoli.

Yes, that's cannoli, not cannolis.

I only know this because a friend of mine said she didn't know what a cannoli is. I looked up an official definition for her and it turns out cannoli is the plural of cannolo. I have never heard anyone refer to one of these decadent treats as a cannolo. It just doesn't sound right. I can't do it. It may be wrong, but I will still refer to one cannoli as a cannoli. I've been saying it that way all my life and I'm not going to change now.

Sort of like I won't say cacti. Cactuses works just fine. Most times I am a bit of a grammar nazi, but there are a few areas in my vocabulary where stubbornness wins out over correct terminology. I may WRITE cacti, but you won't catch me using the word aloud.

Cannoli anyone? :)

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Anonymous said...

yay cannoli. nobody likes a grammar nazi anyway