02 April 2012

The Cost of a Mild Winter

The snow is gone and I'm thinking it won't be back. What a difference a year makes. This time last April, I was winging my way back from 90 degree Arizona while Maine was recovering from a heavy, wet Spring snow storm.

This year? The snow has been gone for weeks and the daffodils are already in bloom. A month early. Which explains the fleas.

What, didn't I mention the fleas?

In January, we discovered our three cats had worms for the second time in as many months. Our vet didn't blink an eye when he told us we have a flea problem. A flea problem? I've never seen so much as one flea in our house or on any of our pets - our INDOOR pets - in all the years we've lived in Maine. How could we have a flea problem if I haven't seen any fleas? No one's been bitten, the cats aren't scratching, and, well... YUCK.

I spare you the details, but apparently we did have fleas, so I spent much of the last part of February and early March bombing and fogging and spraying and treating everything in our home, including the three cats.

According to the vet, the flea problem in Maine is well into its second year and it is because we've been having such mild winters. It seems that even people without pets are having flea problems. That made me feel a bit better.

So now we're (knock on wood) flea free, the lawn chairs are out of the shed and the trees are budding. If fleas are the only payment for a mild winter, I'll pay that bill. Though of course the bill included a wrenched back from moving all the furniture for flea fogging and spraying, but let's not get technical.

And it really isn't the fleas I'm worried about, it's the black flies. They usually don't show up until mid-May, but from what I've heard, there have already been sightings. If we could have mild winters AND do away with all the black flies, then Maine actually would be paradise.

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