08 April 2012

Happy Resurrection Day

I'm not trying to be cute, I just like the idea of calling the holiday what it was originally intended to be - a celebration of the resurrection of Christ. Even to me, a Christian, the word "Easter" conjures up little more than chocolate and colored eggs. NOT that those are bad things. They are very much a part of our Easter. But they are secondary. I once heard someone say, "Eternal life is in all our futures, one way or another, so we really ought to come to terms with who Jesus said he was." Yeah, it made me think, too. Big time.

I wish I could offer a photo of a basket of colored eggs, but we didn't color them this year. Our babies are all grown up and we aren't yet into grand-baby territory, so the egg dye kits stay in a box in the basement. We didn't go to an egg hunt either, though my youngest daughter went to one with a family who still has a "little guy".

I wish I could offer a photo of an Easter Lily, but I didn't buy one this year. I could have taken a picture of one at church, but it didn't occur to me.

I wish I could offer a photo of my family, but we didn't take one this year. Nobody thought to.

I wish I could offer a story about our hike up Bradbury Mountain for the sunrise service, but we skipped it because of the snowy forecast we saw last night. Of course, this morning, there was no snow and even some breaks in the clouds. Go figure.

However, we had a lovely Easter. We all did get up and share goodies together. We all went to church together and ate more goodies there. We chatted with old friends and made new ones. We sang, we prayed, and we celebrated the resurrection. Then we came home and ate lasagna, that oh-so-traditional Easter meal. Chocolate pie for dessert. Does that count?

Sometimes a celebration means doing things a little differently so we'll remember why we're celebrating. Or maybe that's just how my demented mind works. Definitely possible.

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