30 April 2012

Spring Clean-up

Today was perhaps the perfect Spring day in Maine, which is sort of sad when you figure that it's all downhill after this... until that one day in Fall when we get another perfect day.

Yes, we only get two days like this each year, so if you missed it, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I was fortunate enough to take advantage of it. I've been waiting for the right day to start on the Spring yard work. Many of our neighbors are already well underway on this process, and as much as I do not like yard work, peer pressure is a strong incentive. I was hoping, however, that the perfect day would land on a weekend so I'd have some help from the rest of the family. Yesterday was lovely other than about 30 mph winds, and raking is bad enough without adding wind to the mix.

So now the gardens have been cleared out, the deck cleaned off and swept, and the hastas are popping up out of the soil. When I was finished, I plunked myself into a lawn chair to read and savor a bit more of the sunshine.

Sure, we'll have more Spring days like this where the weather is fairly warm and dry, but after today, there will be bugs. I know this because I saw one black fly today. There is never just one black fly. Black flies are prolific in the Maine woods and if you see only one, you know there are a zillion more for each one you see. And they are all waiting to fly up to your head in that haphazard way they fly, and manage to take a bloody bite out of your scalp without you knowing it until the blood is running down your face.

That one little guy flew off to tell his friends and that's when I knew it was time to fold up the lawn chair and go back inside. Back inside where I'll stay until October when we have our next perfect day.

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connie said...

Gotta get you back here!