24 April 2012

We have a Winner

While visiting the college in North Carolina last week, my daughter asked very sincerely, "How will I ever decide between this and the school in New York?"

I didn't have an answer for her. It's one of those times when there's not a wrong decision. Both schools are good, both are reputable, both have family friends nearby, both have the degree plan she's looking for, and both have extracurricular activities that interest her. Either school would be a good decision. And sometimes those are the hardest decisions to make. We know that shifting our compass just a few degrees one way or the other will completely change how our lives will turn out in the future. Which path to take? When you're 18-years-old, how can you be expected to make life-altering decisions such as that?

We discussed these matters all along the drive from North Carolina to New York. Pros and cons, likes and dislikes, city vs. small town, private vs. state school, weather, climate, local people, politics, future life plan,... world peace! Ok, not world peace. That would have been too much for us to handle.

And then we drove into campus at the school in New York just before sunset. She took one look around at the school she had visited last fall, the one she loved and the one that had been at the top of her list from the get go. "Oh Mom," she exclaimed, "How could I have ever wanted to go anywhere else? This is definitely where I belong. This is ME."

And that is how an 18-year-old makes a life-altering decision. After months of applications, essays, visits, waiting, thinking, dicussing, and prayer, it all came down to how it felt to be there.

It felt right.

And thankfully, it felt right to me, too. :)

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Stephen said...

Hope it works out just how she wants it to!

connie said...

Nice! Good luck Molly!