18 April 2012


My daughter and I are in the mountains of western North Carolina. We've visited the college, had special times with local friends, and up until last night, the weather was perfect. Now it's raining like crazy and in the 50s. Of course back in Maine, it's sunny and clear. Go figure.

Today we'll see more friends, buy all the necessarily paraphernalia at the campus book store, and then we have a fun-filled evening of concerts for me and youth group activities for her.

Tomorrow we drive twelve hours to upstate New York for the second of two visits, and then she'll have about a week to decide. Both schools have their pros and cons and there really isn't a wrong choice, which makes the decision that much harder.

Regardless of which school she chooses, I will look back on this trip with the fondest of memories. I treasure these days with my youngest girl; of course I'd enjoy it even more if there weren't a constant lump of emotion stuck in my throat.

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connie said...

You let me know when we can talk...I am always off Wednesdays...Left you a message today, forgot you were "on the road"

Stephen said...
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