02 May 2012


It's been rainy and cloudy for two days straight and while nobody should complain about only two days,... it's been TWO WHOLE DAYS.

On warm, dry, sunny days, I tell myself that I'm going to store up the sunshine and good feelings and it will get me through the crappy weather days. But it only works for about a day. And then I feel like I'm drowning under the cloud layer.

I looked at the forecast and there are rain and clouds as far as the eye can see. I started to gripe about it and then one of my insightful children remarked that I should remember the winter we just came through, that with that winter, nobody has the right to complain about a little rain.

Oh FINE then.

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Unknown said...

But you're going to AZ soon! Then it will be SUPER HOT! Yay for Andy graduating Grad School! :-)