03 May 2012

"I Love Maine" - Book Review

This children's book was sent to me a couple of months ago, and when I say children's book, I mean it's safe for babies. It's a board book, the kind that's very, very hard to destroy. I would know, because when our middle child began to crawl, she discovered many of our books on a low shelf, and destroyed several before I realized what was happening. She was the perfect kid for board books because they are tough and sturdy.

I Love Maine is a delightfully colorful board book that will give children and their parents a glimpse of what the state of Maine is all about. For anyone who has already been to Maine or lives here, it will provide rich memories of playing at the seashore in summer, hitting the slopes in winter, and enjoying the agricultural fairs that dot the state in late summer and early fall.

Of course, though we'd like the tourists to think so, there is more to Maine than being a place for vacations and recreation. I Love Maine gives children an idea of what people in Maine do for work. It has a page about the trees-to-paper industry, a page on fishing and lobstering, and a page depicting local agriculture. It even has a page about Augusta and the state capitol.

The one thing that comes to mind for so many children (and adults) when they think of Maine is the Maine moose. There are moose scattered throughout the book, as well as other examples of Maine wildlife, flora, and of course the beautiful, rocky shoreline.

If there is a baby or very young child in your life with whom you want to share the beauty of the state of Maine, I highly recommend this colorful little book.

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