27 May 2012

Settling Back In

It's strange how only a 3 hour time difference will kick your butt with jet lag. And it's worse going West to East than it is going East to West. When I go to Arizona, New Mexico, or California to visit family, it takes me a day or two to get on their time schedule. The only problem is that I wake up extraordinarily early the first couple of days, and then I'm all set.

Coming back to Maine from there is exhausting, for a few reasons. First of all, I'm not tired in the evenings, so it's tough to go to sleep, even though I still need to get up early. And when 6 a.m. gets here, I get a glimpse of what it must be like not to be a morning person. It hurts to wake up. It's also exhausting to come back here because I've come back to real life and real responsibilities. Although I worked harder in Arizona for those two weeks than I have here in Maine for the past few months, what with helping my son move, cleaning out his old apartment, etc., it's still not MY work. I could go to sleep every night in vacation mode, knowing it was temporary and that I would eventually walk away from it all.

I've been back five days, four of which have been muggy and dreary, and I'm still struggling to wake up each day.

But I returned to an amazing garden. While I was gone, my husband did all the spring mulching, as well as getting the vegetable garden planted. It is a lovely sight to behold. Everything is beginning to bloom and the leaves on the trees, which were still unfurling when I left, are all filled in now.

Maine is quite beautiful at this time of the year.

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