12 May 2012


Ok so I figured out a way to escape all the rain we've been having in Maine.

I left.

Yeah, I said to hell with this, I can't take it anymore, I'm leaving this soggy state and changing the name of this blog to My Corner of Arizona.

Or maybe I just got lucky with the timing and flew out of the rain to Arizona to watch my son graduate from grad school. I'll let you decide which is the truth.

And now, today, I have seen on Facebook that everyone in Maine is enjoying some desperately needed sunshine. I'm glad for you all. But I'm on my third day of endless sunshine (yes it even shines at night) and I'm sorry but I'll take this over that.

Of course soon, the amount that I miss my husband will trump my need for sunshine and then all will be right with the world once again. Either that, or I'll just have to go home when my return airline ticket says I do.

Until then, here are a few things I've seen on my early morning walks - walks where I've taken my mom's little fluffy white dog. And yes, it was very embarrassing. It doesn't look like a real dog; at least not one I'd ever have. But it's a good-natured little guy and it gladly goes with me as I roam the hills above the early morning city.

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Michael Crosby said...

I've been living in CA for the last 30 years, but even with all our sunshine here, I prefer the east coast.

The east coast has a beauty that is unrivaled. Especially the beautiful state of Maine.

A CA boy who loves your blog.

Paulla said...

Michael, I agree with you - it's just easy for us to feel waterlogged and color deprived at this time of the year. Thus, my rants and threats to give up on Maine. :) Thanks for the kind words!