07 June 2012

Crossing over to the Dark Side

A couple of years ago, my husband got a Kindle, which he loves. Rarely is he seen without it in his hand or somewhere nearby.

I've had mixed feelings on the Kindle. On one hand, our house is no longer filling up with paperbacks that my husband purchases and likes to keep forever. On the other hand, I've felt from day one that crossing over to the Kindle is taking one more step into the technology abyss. Plus, there is nothing like the feel and the smell of a real book in hand...

So although I've made snide comments about the Kindle, I've accepted it into my home. Not only is he reading cheaper books, they aren't taking up any space. That makes the Kindle worth it, in my book (pun intended).

He's asked me a few times in the past year if I'd like one, to which I responded with a resounding NO. Then he asked again two weeks ago, suggesting he get a Kindle Fire for my upcoming birthday, and I felt something in my resolve begin to crack. I was in Arizona at the time, dragging a stack of books with me everywhere I went, and struggling to fit them into my suitcase. Suddenly many his arguments in favor of the Kindle made sense to me.

I said maybe.

He asked me a few days later and when I asked him what would happen if I gave it an honest try but just didn't like it, he assured me that we could pass it along to our youngest daughter who is leaving for college in the fall. I began to waffle. I still didn't want one on principle, but - it's such a cool TOY.

Earlier this week I went to my bi-monthly writers group meeting and one of the gals in the group let me play with her Kindle Fire for a bit. Then the clincher - she reminded me of all the free books and the books I could check out at the library. I also saw that I could do email and facebook on it (all the things that really matter in life).

So yesterday my darling gave me a Kindle Fire for my birthday. It's so shiny and pretty! He set it up for internet and registered it with my Amazon account, and this morning I've been trying every way to figure it out withOUT reading the instructions. I cursed and groaned for a while, but finally, I got it. (YES, DEAR - ONCE AGAIN WITHOUT READING THE INSTRUCTIONS.)

I feel like I've given in to the dark side. But... it IS so shiny...

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Unknown said...

Awesome Paulla! I know what you mean. Nothing like holding the book in your hand! Maybe you can do a post later about your likes and dislikes. I'm really looking forward to reading for pleasure since I'm almost done with undergrad, but don't read enough to get one.

Carolyn said...

I completely understand! I am a hardback book hoarder! I shudder to think what it's going to be like to pack up all these books when we finally get to move to Maine. However, I got my first Kindle as a Christmas gift and didn't know what it was. I resisted it...then fell in love with it. Now on the 3rd generation and still love it. THEN I got an iPad last Christmas - didn't ask for one, didn't think I needed one....but like your Kindle Fire - it's really shiny and so cool. I love it. *sigh*
The advantage to the electronic readers is that if you fall asleep reading in bed, you don't break your nose. Those Stephen King books are BIG.

Jessica Fee said...

Hmmm, I'd like to hear about what you think of the Kindle. I love books and a part of me is scared that buying a kindle is just helping paper books become obsolete. But a Kindle Fire has movies... which is very tempting!

french sojourn said...

I really enjoy your Maine blog, the photo's take me back. Living in France with my wife and 15 y/o Daughter has made me really appreciate and miss Maine. Love the Kindle as my wife or I can read in bed without requireing the side table light to be on. I just finished Stephen Kings 11-22-63 book, read reviews for this book first. cheers Hank

Paulla said...

Thanks Hank. I'm not familiar with that Stephen King book - I'll check it out. He's a phenomenal writer, though also completely terrifying. :)