12 June 2012


Our youngest graduated from high school on Sunday.

After the ceremony, the beloved band teacher / Nat'l Honor Society advisor asked me halfway jokingly, "Now what?"

Now what, indeed?

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Nicole said...

You need to get another dog...That's what my mom did as an empty nester! ;-)

Val said...

Congratulations on your child's graduation! How exciting and nerve-racking all at the same time. I have a question that I'm hoping maybe you can answer for me...My husband and I will be visiting Maine at the end of July. My dream has been eating lobster on the beach. (Physically sitting at a table on the beach.) Is there such a place? If so, can you please fill me in. I would greatly appreciate it.

Paulla said...

Val, I will look into it - can't think of a place off the top of my head.

If I forget to get back to you, email me, ok? (mycornerofmaine@gmail.com)


Paulla said...

Val, check out this link. See anything there you like?


connie said...

I agree with Nicole, a dog is the only way to go...