04 July 2012

Happy 4th

Today didn't turn out like we'd planned.

Last night found us coming home much later than expected, due to a combination of improprer planning and... improper planning. In spite of that, we had a full day planned for our 4th of July festivities.

It would begin at 6 a.m. After taking one daughter to work (yes, who works on the 4th? - not fair in my book) we would go kayaking for a few hours. Then after coming home to change, we would go to one of the many Independence Day parades in the area. When the parade wrapped up, we would pick up the aforementioned daughter from work, and come home to grill burgers and dogs.

But what is it they say about the best laid plans...?

At 5:30 a.m., the weather channel told us it was going to rain all day. ??? That wasn't in my plan. I took my daughter to work and told everyone else to go back to bed.

Not long after I returned, I realized how little sleep I'd had and how late and crazy the evening before had turned out. So I took my own advice and went back to sleep.

At 10:30 a.m., I awakened again with the knowledge that we had 25 minutes to get changed, get out of the house, drive to the parade AND find a parking spot. A twinge of panic flitted by, but kept on going. The parade just wasn't in the cards this year.

So we celebrated, American Style. We flipped on the T.V. and watched the N.C.I.S. marathon on USA network.

When I went back to pick up my daughter this afternoon, we bought fast food, agreeing that none of us wanted to bother with grilling. It was just one of those days when being lazy and useless felt good. (And by the way, I asked the gal at the fast food drive-thru window if she was getting paid more to work the holiday. She said no. C'mon, McDonald's, don't your employees deserve a break today?)

We work hard all week and we are thankful to live in a country where we have choices, freedom, and where most opinions are still accepted as fair (oh that all opinions would be considered valid, but alas, we don't live in a perfect world). I am also thankful that we can celebrate any way we want, even if it means doing absolutely nothing at all.

Here's to independence, and best wishes and blessings to all the folks who had to work today - especially those who didn't get paid extra. Definitely not fair in my book.

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