19 August 2012


It's a bit skimpy this year.

We planted our garden in early May, nearly a month earlier than usual. We thought ~ "Oh, the harvest we'll have!" Yet, it's been disappointing. It's been a bit wetter than normal, but not like a few years ago when we got NO sun until August. We've had plenty of sunshine and still - the tomatoes are puny and few.

Next year I think I'm going to finally do what I always SAY I'm going to do - buy a share at a local organic farm. Our yard/soil has always been the black hole of death, so why do we keep pouring money, time, and water into something that yields so little?

"Because it's fun," says my husband.

Yeah. Woo hoo.

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Anonymous said...

Oh do I feel your pain. Every year I watch my neighbor plant an amazing garden. He grows everything!!!!! In between veggies and fruit trees he grows tall beautiful flowers..no clue what they are. Then there is me and I kill everything. My latest casualty was the petunia plant I had hanging out in front of my house. It 'was' a beautiful hot pink with tons of blooms. I finally gave in to defeat and took it down. Now to add insult to injury, the same day my husband and I went to the local Starbucks where they grow beautiful flowers in tall pots right in front of the store. On the way out I noticed on the side of the building was what appeared to be the same pentunia plant that I had killed thriving - growing out of the concrete between the building and the parking lot. It was big too...no visible soil. A stray seed from the plants out front germinated in a tiny crack in the pavement. Same thing happened a couple years ago when I killed my sunflowers. I later saw some growing out of a curb near a very busy intersection in the next town over. Maybe next year I'll plant some seed in the cracks in my driveway...stuff grows pretty good there.


Paulla said...

Darlene, this made me laugh! But only because I can commisserate. We have gardening books and consult all the "good" gardeners we know, and still nothing works. Driveway cracks - good idea! :)

F. M. Nazmul Hasan said...

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