26 September 2012

Checking in

I've been sorely neglecting my writing - not only on this blog, but in other areas, as well. The reason is because much like everyone else in the country, life has thrown us a few curve balls and I am now working more to pay the price of... living.

The last couple of years I worked as a substitute teacher, but I found it to be frustrating. The pay was ok and I love the kids, but the inconsistent nature of it just about drove me mad.

It was hard to wake up in the morning not knowing if I was going to work on a given day. It seemed that if I got up and got ready, just in case a job came in, there would be nothing. But if I slept in, of course I got a call.

It was impossible to have a regular schedule, let alone a regular budget. Planning doctor visits or other such appointments was maddening because there would be no jobs on the day preceeding the appointment, but two or three on the day I couldn't work.

Lastly, it was lonely. Though I spent my days surrounded by people - fun kids, kind teachers and hilarious high schoolers - each day was different. It was nearly impossible to build relationships of any kind. I might get a three-day job and really connect with the kids and the fellow teachers, and then not be back at that school again for six weeks.

All that to say, subbing is now my back-up job. Now I am a dog-walker and a babysitter. I had no idea both pay so well - much better than subbing! I have one consistent job where I see the same kids every day, another once-a-week job with an adorable little girl, and I walk a 4-month-old puppy who is an absolute sweetheart.

Sure, there will be school holidays when I'm not working, but it was that way with subbing, too. And I'm sure the dog walking won't be quite as fun in January as it is now, but it will force me to exercise. Right now, this is good. I have a consistent schedule, a workable budget, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel with those pesky debts.

Best of all - I am outside a good deal of the time, either walking the dog or walking kids here and there, not to mention driving a lot. I'm getting a wonderful view of the fall foliage each and every day, rather than sitting in a classroom with no windows, or windows that only face a field or playground.

But I'm busy and always on the go, which leaves little time for writing. So now I've scheduled in time to write. We'll see how that works out...

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Anonymous said...

I was a substitute teacher for 7 years at my sons school. I did it to be near him and I stopped when he changed schools. What used to really irk me was that over semester break or when teachers college age kids were home I got no hours, they were all taken up by the teachers kids!