23 October 2012

Road Trip

This is a bit outdated. We took a trip to upstate New York two weeks ago and this is what the Massachusetts Turnpike looked like THEN.

It was gorgeous. And it stayed that way until about three days ago, when we had a big rain storm, and all the pretty leaves were smacked off the trees.

Now, for the most part, only the oak leaves are left on the trees. They are a dull yellowish-brown and a far cry from the color for which New England is known. They stay around as long as possible, dragging out the raking season so that it blends right into snow-shoveling season.

I'm not a huge fan of oak trees. Unless you want to chop them up and put them into my wood stove or make furniture out of them. They're great for that!

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Anonymous said...

Love the pictures Paulla!! I've been going back and forth to Umass Amherst twice a week for the past several weeks and it was amazing to see the foliage from start to finish...something I've never done before. I've always enjoyed the beautiful autumns that we are blessed with here in New England, but never as much as this year. But now since we are now past peak, I'm keeping an eye on that storm they say might head our way early next week. At least it doesn't sound like we will be shoveling snow like we were last Halloween!

: )