24 February 2013

Bailing Out

Months ago, I made plans to go on a trip out west - to go, in JANUARY.

As I mentioned HERE, I was unable to go because I came down with the flu the night before my flight. The flu which lasted nearly three weeks, by the way.

So I rescheduled. To this afternoon. And we awakened this morning to this:

You can't really tell from the photos but it's still coming down hard and isn't expected to let up until tonight.

It's quite beautiful. There's nothing like a heavy, wet snow to turn your average neighborhood and town into a veritable winter wonderland.

And as of right now, my flight is on schedule.

We'll see.

I hate to leave my family at this time of the year when the woodstove must be fed regularly.

Then again, I guess it's a sacrifice I'll just have to make. :)

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19 February 2013

Is it March?

Because dang, it's been windy.

Last Saturday (the 9th) we had what New Englanders call a blizzard. 24 inches of snow and very high winds. I don't mean any disrespect, but it was nothing like the blizzards I experienced when I lived out West - where they lasted three days and the snow drifts came up to the second story windows.

But still.

Two feet is a lot of snow in one storm and yes, the winds were fierce. Miraculously, we didn't lose power, though most of the rest of New England did.

Then this past Sunday (the 17th) we had another mini-blizzard. I say mini because we only got a few inches of snow at most, but... dang, that wind!

The house was shaking. One of the storm windows blew off the house (and thankfully didn't break). The car door slammed on my foot. (Not as dramatic as all that - it only hurt for a moment. Volkswagen, you know).

And then yesterday, the snow went away and the sun came out, but. Still! Windy!

Tell me, how much longer til Spring?

Oh, and feel free to educate me on blizzards. Every time I say "it wasn't a real blizzard," I get all kinds of disgruntled responses and definitions of the TRUE meaning of the word blizzard.

But I stand by what I said. Yep, it makes 'em mad. :P

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03 February 2013

Flu, Flu, and More Flu

I am sick.

I've been sick off and on (mostly on) since January 13.

It could be argued that I got sick that day because that is the day the Denver Broncos lost their playoff game and were suddenly and unexpectedly finished for the season.

It could also be argued that I got sick that day because it was my youngest daughter's 19th birthday - and she had gone back to college in New York the day before. Sure, we celebrated early, but moms like to be with their babies on their REAL birthday.

In reality, however, I probably got sick because of a combination of babysitting sick kids, failing to sleep well at night for weeks on end, holding in stress that I should have dealt with a month ago, and focusing on a trip out west that was going to make all my dreams come true. Well, at least it was going to give me some much needed sunshine and a break from the cold.

The plan was to fly out on January 17th. But something happened on the 16th. I went to the doctor for some tests and the doc asked me about my cold. I shrugged it off. Sure my voice was gone and I was coughing and hacking, but I had things to do. I needed to run errands, pack, and be on a plane the next morning. She reminded me that there was a nasty flu going around. I waved it off. I don't GET the flu. I can't remember the last time I had the flu.

I left the doctor's office and went out into the heavily falling snow. And our jeep, which had just come back out of the shop, wouldn't start.

I called AAA and they were back-logged with the weather. I went back inside the building for a while, but I was afraid I'd miss the tow truck, so I did most of my waiting in the cold car. They finally came.

On the way to our mechanic, I phoned several people for rides, but no one was available. So I called a cab. The cab came quickly and took me home. He drove away as I walked up to my door, and it was only then that I remembered I'd left the garage door opener in the jeep at the mechanic. I did not have a house key on me.

So I trudged through the deepening snow to our neighbor's house to get our key. But they weren't home. So I went back to our house and climbed in a window that, thankfully, someone had forgotten to lock. It was a small window, not easy to climb up to, but climb I did.

When I finally got inside, I went about the whirlwind of laundry, packing, and then ran out to do errands. When I finished everything after 10:00 that night, I felt terrible, but figured I'd get rest on the plane tomorrow. I went on to bed and slept the sleep of the dead.

Until about 2:00 a.m.

When I awoke with a raging fever.

And then I knew.

I would not be getting on the plane that day.

I went back to the doctor where it was confirmed that I had the flu, and then I went home and cried, called my family out west, and cancelled my tickets. I wrapped myself in blankets and went back to bed. The silver lining in all of this was that I wasn't expected at work, the house was clean, the laundry was done, the bills were paid, and the refrigerator was full of easy-to-make meals that I'd prepared for my husband and daughter in anticipation of my absence. It was as if I'd done all that prep work just so I could be sick. Yay me.

I had the nasty flu for a good six days, and then by the seventh day, I was feeling well enough to go out. The fever had subsided and it looked like the worst was over. Of course, that was all just in time for my husband to come down with it. Good timing, I thought - I can help him through it. He was sick all weekend and I rested with him, for good measure. After all, I'd been warned about the common relapse that seemed to be happening to everyone I knew.

On Monday (last Monday) I felt well enough to go through some things in our basement that had long needed sorting. As I was doing it, a tiny voice lost in the back of my subconscious mind whispered that I ought to wear a mask, as I'm terribly allergic to dust. But I was only down there for about an hour, so I ignored the whisper.

When I woke up Tuesday morning, either I had a full blown sinus infection, or the flu had returned with a vengeance. Or maybe a little of both. My fever shot back up and the coughing... Oh the coughing!

That went on (as did my husband's flu symptoms) until this morning. Although I am still coughing - a lot - today is the first day that I actually feel like I might not be sick for THE REST OF MY LIFE.

But I'm still taking it easy, because you know, RELAPSE!

We felt well enough this morning to venture out to the grocery store and buy snacks for the game tonight, but then we had to come back home and rest from our efforts. We're pathetic!

I also put a pork roast into the crock pot last night so we can have pulled pork tonight. I got the recipe from my son - I'll share it later if it turns out to be as good as it currently smells. And I should mention - bonus - I can smell things again!

Here's hoping February brings healing to our household. Though now it looks like our daughter might be getting it. Sigh.

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