19 February 2013

Is it March?

Because dang, it's been windy.

Last Saturday (the 9th) we had what New Englanders call a blizzard. 24 inches of snow and very high winds. I don't mean any disrespect, but it was nothing like the blizzards I experienced when I lived out West - where they lasted three days and the snow drifts came up to the second story windows.

But still.

Two feet is a lot of snow in one storm and yes, the winds were fierce. Miraculously, we didn't lose power, though most of the rest of New England did.

Then this past Sunday (the 17th) we had another mini-blizzard. I say mini because we only got a few inches of snow at most, but... dang, that wind!

The house was shaking. One of the storm windows blew off the house (and thankfully didn't break). The car door slammed on my foot. (Not as dramatic as all that - it only hurt for a moment. Volkswagen, you know).

And then yesterday, the snow went away and the sun came out, but. Still! Windy!

Tell me, how much longer til Spring?

Oh, and feel free to educate me on blizzards. Every time I say "it wasn't a real blizzard," I get all kinds of disgruntled responses and definitions of the TRUE meaning of the word blizzard.

But I stand by what I said. Yep, it makes 'em mad. :P

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Anonymous said...

Hi Paulla,
We are planning to move to Maine in the near future. Midcoast area, near Rockland.
I'll be checking in hopes of getting a taste of real Maine living.
Stay warm!!!

Paulla said...

Great! Feel free to email me if you have questions or need to know anything in particular. :)