20 March 2013

1st Day of Spring in the Maine Woods

As promised, here are some shots of the snow that fell overnight. But first...

This was last week. Notice the absence of snow.

This is yesterday during the storm.

We awakened to blue skies, 8 inches on the ground and pesky icicles.

A perfect sunny day for a snowshoe hike through the woods.

A friend and I started on a trail that passes a stream by her home.

We trudged across a field of power lines.

And then back into the snowy woods again.

This is the trail between our homes, that I walk on all year, but after a new snow, it is simply magical.

This wasn't the way I'd have chosen to spend the first day of Spring if it were up to me. I'd have voted for a rare 70 degree day with the sunroof open and the windows down. Yet, what a winter wonderland in the simple woods by our home. I'm thankful that I got to witness it.

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19 March 2013

Vacation Pics

It's snowing today. A LOT. But who wants to see photos of that?

I know, I know. Why would you visit a Maine blog in the wintertime if you did NOT want to see photos of snow?

We're supposed to get 10-14 inches, but so far there are only a couple of inches out there. Bring on the heavy snow this afternoon and I'll post snow photos tomorrow.

But until then, this is what I saw/did on my winter vacation...

This is my brother and his fabulous girlfriend, as we sat in their cozy home and had homemade Thai Coconut soup for dinner. It was so fun, so relaxing, and yes, I got the recipe. :)

And here I am with my mom and her little dog. (It's not really a dog - it's just a magical fluffy toy that breathes and barks and poops).

And this is a shot I got of Mount Hood as I flew out of Portland. Understand that this was after a week straight of clouds and rain. We flew up out of town and lo and behold, there was the sun - and the mountain in all it's snowy glory.

From there it was on to sunny Phoenix where my son and I took in a softball game (upper 70s, dontcha know).

I went walking in the desert - nothing but blue skies and cacti out there.

My son took me to a shooting range so I could finally be the badass that I've always envisioned myself to be.

And here he is with his lovely girlfriend. Notice the pair of flip-flops on the floor behind them. Yes - that makes my heart skip a little beat. Wearing flip-flops in the wintertime. What's not to like about that??

When I left Phoenix to fly to upstate New York, I fell asleep before the plane took off. But I woke up an hour later to a spectacular view of the snow-covered Rockies in Colorado. In fact, I saw my favorite mountains - the Sangre de Cristo range, which overlook the tiny town of Westcliffe. What a treat!

When I got to New York, it was cloudy, cold, and nearly dark. But I found my way to the campus and gathered up my youngest daughter and one of her friends. I told them I'd take them anywhere they wanted to go for dinner. Here is what they chose.

The golden arches won out over everything else in town.

Ok, off to take photos of the snow. It's been falling for hours and should be falling for many more if the forecasters are correct.

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08 March 2013

Almost Home...

In the past 12 days, I went from Maine to the Portland, Oregon area to visit my mom and my brother. Fabulous visit! Finally got to meet my brother's awesome girlfriend whom I just LOVE. Also got to meet his fabulous dogs. My mom and I had perhaps the best visit we've ever had, much of it just sitting around her house chatting, playing the piano, and singing. :)

After that, I jetted to the Phoenix area to spend several days with my #1 son and got to meet his awesome girlfriend, as well. AND his fabulous cat! We had lots of Mexican food (fish tacos!) and he bought a Blendtec Blender, of which I am now a HUGE fan. We drank healthy fresh-fruit and fresh-veggie smoothies every day and got a ton of sunshine. A welcome relief at this time of the year.

I was sad to leave, but then jetted my way to upstate New York where I am now visiting (and having a blast with) my youngest daughter at college. We stocked her dorm room with snacks and necessities today, and tomorrow we will drive back to Maine, by way of Amherst, Mass to see one of her old high school friends.

And as fate would have it - it is a bright, blue sky, sunny day in New York. UNHEARD OF at this time of the year. We are basking in the sunshine (with coats on, I mean it IS only 40 degrees) and loving it.

I will post pics once I get back to Maine!

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