08 March 2013

Almost Home...

In the past 12 days, I went from Maine to the Portland, Oregon area to visit my mom and my brother. Fabulous visit! Finally got to meet my brother's awesome girlfriend whom I just LOVE. Also got to meet his fabulous dogs. My mom and I had perhaps the best visit we've ever had, much of it just sitting around her house chatting, playing the piano, and singing. :)

After that, I jetted to the Phoenix area to spend several days with my #1 son and got to meet his awesome girlfriend, as well. AND his fabulous cat! We had lots of Mexican food (fish tacos!) and he bought a Blendtec Blender, of which I am now a HUGE fan. We drank healthy fresh-fruit and fresh-veggie smoothies every day and got a ton of sunshine. A welcome relief at this time of the year.

I was sad to leave, but then jetted my way to upstate New York where I am now visiting (and having a blast with) my youngest daughter at college. We stocked her dorm room with snacks and necessities today, and tomorrow we will drive back to Maine, by way of Amherst, Mass to see one of her old high school friends.

And as fate would have it - it is a bright, blue sky, sunny day in New York. UNHEARD OF at this time of the year. We are basking in the sunshine (with coats on, I mean it IS only 40 degrees) and loving it.

I will post pics once I get back to Maine!

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Birdman said...

My sister live in Lake Oswego. She moved 15 years ago from Portland to Portland.

Angela said...

I believe I have been here visiting your blog some time ago. I looked for a blog from Maine. That is an area I have a desire to see someday. Specially to see the Ocean. Enjoyed reading. Maine sounds so pretty!