09 April 2013

Sunny Day

Yesterday we had a delightful spring day on the Maine coast. This just one day after meeting a family in church who was visiting from South Carolina. They commented on how COLD it is here, and how in South Carolina, everything is blooming and has been for quite some time.

I told them that Maine is so cold, we never actually make it to spring. The trees begin to bud and then suddenly, BAM - it's fall, the leaves are gone, and it's winter again. They looked at me in horror and went scurrying back to the South as quickly as possible.

Yep, that's what you get at this time of the year when 50 degrees feels positively balmy to us, and you come here and tell us about how WARM it is at your southern home. Those are fightin' words!

Anyway, yesterday my daughter and I were running errands in Bath, and she was taking the opportunity to practice driving, as she will soon take the test to get her drivers license. As I mentioned before, it was an incredibly sunny day, and on a whim, we decided to drive down to Popham Beach. I was wearing clogs, she was still in her work clothes, and we didn't even have a camera, but to Popham, we went.

We both had our phones, and even though they take lousy photos, you can get the idea from these:

It was so sunny and beautiful. And yes, it was cold - so what? It's only April. It was 50 degrees, windy, and the sign on the gate post at Popham said the water temperature is 40 degrees. Any wind whipping of that water has GOT to be cold.

I commented something along the lines of, why don't we do this more often? The beach is positively perfect right now. We saw a total of five people, three beach chairs, and we parked right near the trail to the beach. When we come back in June or July, there will be traffic, parking issues, and of course, all those other people.

I mean, tell me honestly, doesn't that photo of all those empty picnic tables just warm your heart?


Ok, well nevermind then.

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thefinestkind said...

it warms this girls heart!! :) I googled "Maine Bloggers" this morning and found you; I'm so glad! I'm giggling my way through your posts. And your posts on Boston are beautiful...
have a beautiful Sunday!!

Paulla said...

Thanks so much! It was kind of you to say so and great that you stopped by. :)