24 May 2013

Rain. And Birds. But Mostly Rain.

The rain is still here (after 5 days) and I’m trying not to complain. Honestly, I don’t mind. Everything is so green and vibrant outside. But it’s more than just being tired of the rain. It seems like it’s just so much harder to take this when coming right out of winter.

Compounding the agony is the fact that we’ve had many sunny days recently. Warm, sunny days where we wore shorts and got sunburned. (I should add that also compounding the agony is the fact that I spent a week in sunny Texas, so I REALLY can’t complain.) And now we’re back in our sweat shirts, jeans and wool socks. It LOOKS like summer outside, but it may as well be winter.

Ok, complaint over.

Last week my husband put a bird feeder right outside our office window. He’s become quite the bird watcher in recent years, so our back yard has multiple bird feeders and all manner of birds showing up to feast. Blue jays, doves, chickadees, and finches, of course. But we also now have several woodpeckers, cardinals, tufted timouses (titmice?) and even some very large and annoying crows.

If it ever stops raining, maybe I’ll take pictures of our little feathered friends.

Or maybe I’ll just do it anyway. I mean really, the rain may never stop.

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