23 May 2013

Springtime in Maine

The last FOUR days have been cloudy and rainy and generally miserable. But I have to say, it's much easier to take cloudy and miserable when the leaves are green and the flowers are blooming. Springtime in Maine is pretty, regardless of the weather.

I took these photos last weekend when the sun was shining and we felt that summer had arrived. We were sorely mistaken. But I'm glad I took them then, because now most of those trees have lost their blossoms.

Our garden is planted, the lawn chairs are out of the shed and the grill is ready to go. If the sun ever comes back, we'll be ready!

Copyright © 2013 - Paulla Estes


Robert P. Britton, Jr. said...

Those photos are gorgeous!

I stumbled upon your site today, looking for blogs where Maine was the subject.

I'm a painter from Elma, NY, just outside of Buffalo. I love painting scenes from Maine. I've visited maybe half a dozen times (mostly to Kennebunk or Portland) and I wish I had the resources to come up more frequently.

I paint landscapes and seascapes, and Maine is just so wonderful!

Anyways, I just wanted to say hello! I enjoyed looking through your site and some of the stories you've got posted here!

Paulla said...

Thank you, Robert. I checked out your paintings and I love your style. Beautiful! Too bad you can't get here more often - it is lovely... especially over the next few months! :)

Robert P. Britton, Jr. said...

Thank you so much, Paulla, it was kind of you to look at my paintings.

I truly wish I could do as you say and visit more often! I just can't get enough of Maine. Problem is when I'm working, I spend too many hours at work and not enough time vacationing, and when I'm out of work, I don't have the resources!


Such is life!

Perhaps I will be blessed with an opportunity to visit this year. Who knows...all things are possible with God, right?!