15 May 2013

West Texas, Day One

A few summers ago, I met my dad in Colorado for a 3-day whirlwind road trip to see many of the places we both had come to love while I was growing up there. Since then, he's been saying that we need to make a similar trip to West Texas so he can show me the place where he grew up.

I've spent a lot of time in Texas. We went to Houston nearly every summer (ugh yes, summer in Houston!) to visit my grandmother, and we seemed to drive all over the eastern part of the state. I even spent a year there for college. And during all this time, I had no idea about the western parts of Texas.

So we decided on a date and my dad made out an insane 7-day itinerary that would fill up two weeks for most people.

We met in El Paso and drove east on Interstate 10. He had promised that there would be mountains.

Oh THERE they are!

We saw many of these...

And this. And no, we didn't eat any of the diesel chicken, lol.

Soon, we turned south to drive to the town of Alpine (his hometown) by way of Marfa.

This seriously classified as the middle of nowhere. Yet, out there, far from any other homes or structures, we found this...

We stared at it for some time, trying to make sense of it. Upon my return, when I showed the photo to my family, my daughter suggested that it's probably one of the portals for the underground Men in Black establishment. Yeah, could be.

Next day photos coming soon...

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