21 May 2013

West Texas, Day Three

The booming metropolis of Marfa, Texas.

The famous Paisano Hotel of Marfa, where the cast of the movie Giant stayed during filming.

This is known as the Food Shark. It was recommended to us as a restaurant where we could get lunch. You order the food at the lunch wagon and then eat it on the school bus. I kid you not.

The Marfa Observatory, for observing the famous and mysterious, Marfa Lights.

We were there during the day, so our observations consisted of the desert scenery.

The Paisano Baptist Encampment, where my dad went to real southern revivals as a boy.

Paisano Peak - and if you look VERY closely, you will see a house at the bottom...

My dad knew the bad ass Texas Ranger who lived at this home and who helped keep the town safe in many of the Old West ways.

This.... was just a mystery to us.

Our favorite restaurant in Alpine, La Casita - this was our 2nd visit.

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