17 May 2013

West Texas, Day Two

Our first day in and around Alpine was busy. And cold! I'd brought only warm weather clothing, other than what I'd worn on the plane in from Maine. When we woke up to 35 degrees and wind, I found myself wearing my jeans and fleece jacket again that day.

All my life, I'd heard my dad talk about Alpine and about Sul Ross University (where is father was a professor) and now here it all was right before my eyes.

Not surprisingly, he had so many stories to tell. This was the radio station where he worked in high school. He says it still looks the same. Wow - shocker! Lol.

The field where he went to some surprisingly big baseball games.

The old train depot, no longer in use.

His old high school, which is now an admin building.

This made me very glad we didn't get hurt or sick while there - it just didn't look very promising!

However, this was promising. Drive-thru liquor store - who'da thought?

More scenes from around town, including the theater where my dad also had a high school job.

Then we went out to his friend Carol's house on the outskirts of town. I nearly died when I saw the views, the cliffs, the wildlife...

And the house was very cool, too!

Carol accompanied us to her favorite restaurant in town - La Casita. We liked it so much, we ended up going there two more times.

Afterward, we dropped off Carol, dodged some cows in the road, we drove through the hills and enjoyed the full moon rising.

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Carol said...

Alpine is a pretty cool little town. I have some good friends that live there. Oh and Marfa is considered artsy fartsy by the Alpine locals.....the hipsters have taken it over, and the real estate prices are ridiculous for "in the middle of nowhere" Lol I haven't been out to visit my friends in months, and your pictures make me want to go NOW. :)

Unknown said...

Great pics, Paulla! When are you coming to San Diego?!? Maybe you can plan it when Andy comes to Comic Con! :-) I just realized how much he looks like your dad! Miss you guys!!!