22 May 2013

West Texas, Last Day

All good things must come to an end, and this was the day we had to make the 330 mile drive back to El Paso, so we could fly out the following morning.

We awakened to a perfect mountain morning.

The colorful Chisos birds didn't disappoint.

We said good-bye to the lodge and took one (of many) last photograph with The Window in the background.

And this is looking back UP through the window, once we're out on the desert once again.

We drove back up and through Alpine.

Then Dad insisted we make one last stop at the tiny town of Sierra Blanca, the junction of the Southern Pacific and Missouri Pacific railroads.

It seemed a fitting ending to a fabulous West Texas trip.

As we drove back into the reality of the traffic, streetlights and noise of El Paso, we reflected on what we had dubbed, our "Once in a Lifetime Trip." But on my flight back to Maine the next day, after a teary hug good-bye at our respective gates, a woman sat next to me on the plane who had been hiking all week in Big Bend.

I shared a bit about our trip with her, and she simply said, "Why only once in a lifetime?" Then she added, "As long as you're both still healthy and still HERE, why not go again next year?"

I like the way she thinks.

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