23 June 2013

3rd Day of Summer

Years ago, my husband and I began trying to plant things in our yard. Sometimes things grew. More often than not, they didn't.

We blamed it on the sandy soil. We blamed it on the rainy summers. We blamed it on a snowless winter and the subsequent terrible freeze one year that killed off most of what we planted, as well as some other things that had already been there.

We even blamed it on each other.

But in the end, the reality is that we know very little about raising and nurturing plants. More importantly, we didn't realize the immense value of compost, and what it would do to our crappy soil.

So last week, my friend Linda came over, took one look at what had once been a garden next to our driveway, and told me she was giving me some plants to put there.

Understand that Linda's gardens look like something out of a magazine. They cover huge amounts of land and she has been cultivating them for nearly 20 years. She told me that if we would prep our garden, she needed to divide a bunch of her plants and would give them to us.

What about shade? I asked her. What about the crappy soil? What about our general incompetence?

She shook her head - Nope, none of that matters. Just add lots of good compost and your plants will be fine just about anywhere.

So one day, we broke up the garden, which included a 20 foot long Aspen tree root that had wormed it's way in and around EVERYTHING.

Then we spent the next few days planting the fruit of Linda's insanely generous gift to us. About 100 plants, guaranteed to find happiness in our garden. We planted each one, lovingly, with lots of good compost, and then my daughter and I heaped more compost all over the entire garden, for good measure.

In the end, it looked like this.

Some of it will bloom this year. Much of it won't. But the little I DO know about gardening is the old adage of:

The First Year they Sleep...
The Second Year they Creep...
The Third Year they Leap!

So here's hoping. And thank you, Linda!

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