28 June 2013

8th Day of Summer

I want to post photos of the rain, but blogger is on the fritz this weekend.

Not that anyone wants to see photos of rain, but at this point, that's all I've got.

We still have our friend visiting from out of town, and the sun hasn't shown itself since she got here on Wednesday. She leaves Tuesday and we're afraid she might go away thinking Maine is ALWAYS like this in the summertime.

However, we're making the best of it, gearing up to do a movie marathon tomorrow - Iron Man I, Iron Man II, Thor, Captain America, and then, of course, The Avengers. Our young friend has not seen any of these. Yes, SHOCKING, isn't it??

So, we've shown her lighthouses, the rocky coast, adorable towns, and many other things that make Maine special. But tomorrow, she'll be taught the really important things. Like superheroes.

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