21 June 2013

First Day of a Maine Summer

Few phrases make me smile more than that one. Summer in Maine is what we live for.

Sure, fall is beautiful - spectacular, in fact - but it is short lived. The leaves are pretty for a couple of weeks, then they drop all over everything, and we scramble to rake them up before it snows or we freeze to death. Whichever comes first.

Winter is long and cold. And YES, there are lovely things about winter. The skiing, the beauty, the nights by the wood stove. But come on. In the end, we're all just pathetically pale and vitamin D deprived.

Spring is fickle. The flowering plants, flowering trees and flowering flowers are a sight for sore, color-deprived eyes. But Spring often also means rain. And mud. And teasers. Teasers meaning, a warm day or two and then weeks of more cold and rain. By the time Memorial Day arrives, SOME of us think summer comes along with it. After all, we're planting our tomato gardens and buying annuals for the window boxes. But we don't dare put away our coats and boots just yet.

Heck, just last week, I wore my WARM rain coat and heavy mud boots. It was 50 degrees, raining and windy. Not exactly a day that felt like summertime.

But now...

Now it's here.

Today dawned early, as expected, although it was cloudy and 60 degrees on the coast. But by noon the sun was scrambling out from behind the clouds with a summertime zeal and the thermometer read 85 degrees. I drove down Main Street with the sunroof open, the windows down, and felt like a teenager again on the last day of school.

Days like this - - - days like this are what we wait all year for.

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