15 July 2013

25th Day of Summer

When we moved to Maine, they told us we wouldn't need air conditioning.

For about 49 weeks out of the year, that's true.

In fact, it's true all the time if in the summertime one doesn't need to clean anything or cook anything or walk upstairs or across a room. Or breathe.

Or if one is a hero. Which I most certainly AM NOT.

Best invention known to man, right here...

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Tracey said...

Is that sort of window air conditioner enough to get through the hot spots of Maine summer? Do you have multiple ones?
Do you you use a dehumidifier in Maine?
I just love your blog, the photos are gorgeous. I am originally from nova Scotia and have been living in the American South West for so long I am re familiarizing myself with North east climate etc.
my husband has never lived in that sort of area, he's sitting beside me researching AC in Maine as i was scrolling through your blog, I was ridiculously excited saying "Look the blog lady mentions AC"

Paulla said...

Hi Tracey! Yes, this size A/C is plenty for us. We live not too far from the coast, but not close enough to really get the sea breeze. We have an A/C unit in our living room (includes our open kitchen) and one in each of our two upstairs bedrooms. We really only use the downstairs one when cooking or on those few really humid days. The upstairs ones we only use at night, and definitely not all the time. You'll be fine! Email me if you have any more questions! :)