20 October 2013

Weekend Date

My husband had to work Saturday morning. This might not seem like a big deal, but he normally works Monday through Friday, and most of those are 12-14 hour days. So any extra time his company requires on a weekend sometimes gives me a bit of a bad attitude.

Don't get me wrong. I am exceptionally grateful for his job; I just think a 60+ hour week is long enough.

However, this Saturday I took him to work so I could go somewhere and have a quiet, distraction-free place to write. I found it at the local Burger King. Who knew?

When he was finished, around lunch time, we headed to the adorable village of Bath and had lunch at the Starlight Café. And yes, I had been there three times last month when my family was visiting, but my husband never got to join us. HE WAS WORKING. I mean, someone has to work.... while the other someone is having all the fun...

The foliage in Bath is brighter than at our house.

After lunch, we drove down to Popham Beach because, of all the times I've been going there recently, not once has he gone along. The reality is that he doesn't really like the beach. I discovered this AFTER we were married, and I was shocked, as he had grown up Navy and always lived near the ocean. How can a Navy Brat not like the beach?

But he went along and was a good sport. We didn't stay long because the wind was cold and... because he can only take so much of the beach.

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connie said...

I want to go to Popham Beach and Bath with you!

Paulla said...

Connie, the door is open and the guest room ready. Come any time!! :)