25 November 2013


Our youngest daughter is home visiting for Thanksgiving break, so I thought I'd take her on one of my early beach mornings.

The weather for the week looks sketchy with a storm coming that will bring rain and snow, and probably more wind.

Oh God, the wind we've been having!

This morning promised sunshine, though temps in the teens and a brutal wind chill. And that promise was kept.

But we figured, what the heck.

So we rose before sunrise, put on multiple layers and coverings, and ventured out into the frigid dawn. This after staying up well past midnight for the heartbreaking football game last night between the Broncos at the Patriots.

Yes. For us, heartbreaking. But that's all I'm going to say about that. However, you might take note of the hat I'm wearing in the photos below. Also take note of our first snow of the season.

After torturing my daughter with face-numbing winds, I took her out to breakfast at the Starlight Café. To make up for it. :)

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Mike Boyd said...

Great pictures as usual Paulla, and a great post. And to think how I'm talking about how cold it's been down here in Ga, with our mid thirties temps lol.

Paulla said...

Thanks Mike! :)