02 November 2013

Holding our Breath

Today, November 2, it was well over 60 degrees here in our town near the Maine coast.

When we ventured out this afternoon to take our weekly trip to the town dump, I peeled off the jacket I'd put on in the house. It was so warm! We rolled down the windows in my husband's old pick-up truck and ran our errands slowly, savoring the lovely day.

After we finished going here and there, we weren't ready to go home. It was too nice a day. So we drove to Brunswick and sat by the Androscoggin River for about a half hour, just looking, chatting, enjoying.

When the sun went behind the trees, we still weren't ready to go home, so we walked through the flea market at old Fort Andross. After that, we drove slowly down Maine Street, marveling at the people sitting out in front of Gelato Fiasco and Joshua's Tavern. It felt like summertime.

It was finally time to go home and as we drove, we took back roads and went slowly. We kept the windows down even as we saw the clouds moving in. It seemed as though Maine was holding its breath, reveling in one last day of warmth before winter descends on us. A rain/snow mix is in the forecast for tomorrow and you can be sure the windows in the truck will be rolled up tight.

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Janet said...

That's my 'hood you're enjoying! I agree with the holding our breath -- but even today wasn't that bad. Fall has lingered, that's for sure.

connie said...

That sounds awesome! Going to make it there again someday....