31 December 2014

Frigid Beach

Yesterday we decided to go to Popham Beach at low tide. Sure, it was cold, but we dressed warmly. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day, so how bad could it be, right?

We invited some friends to meet us there with their dogs, and we all took a walk down to the water line.

Looking at the photos, can you guess which pair is from Arizona and thought they were going to die from the cold? I'll give you a hint - yellow jacket...

Afterward we went to The Cabin in Bath for pizza. YUM.

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29 December 2014

Apres Noel

After Christmas we went to Newport, Rhode Island to spend some time with extended family.

While there, we took an evening walk down the road to see a house decked out with Christmas d├ęcor. Then we took the obligatory but scenic stroll along Cliff Walk the next day.

Cold, but fun!

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27 December 2014

A Peek at Christmas

We had the whole family home this year. Both our daughters and our son with his new bride.

I'm aware that these holidays with everyone home are precious things and in all likelihood, they're becoming rare.

So once again, I'm savoring.

Merry Christmas!

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13 December 2014

Coastal Maine

We took a drive up the coast around Thanksgiving and I never got around to posting the photos. Until now.

We'd just had a big snow, so the views of Acadia, Bar Harbor, Ellsworth, Belfast, and other parts of Coastal Route One were so pretty.

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08 December 2014


This year, I'm trying to savor the season.

Shopping is nearly done, meals planned, tree up. Usually it's a frenzy until the 11th hour.

This year I want to hear the music, see the grace, enjoy the moments.

Every year I say that I wish we could do away with the whole gift-giving part of Christmas and just sprinkle gifts randomly throughout the year, instead.

But I don't make the rules.

So instead, I'm finally starting to get organized, if you want to call it that, and I'm scheduling the savoring. If not, the frenzy will simply take over.

Not this year.

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07 November 2014

The Green

The green is mostly gone.

The green is what I grieved when I left the West Coast many years ago and came to Maine in the fall.

It was lovely, magical, colorful. But also fleeting.

Soon, all was brown. Brown, grey, white, and dismal. It stayed that way for what seemed like such a long time.

The green was a distant memory and I hated it here.

I wanted to go back to my home of sunshine, blue skies, and green all year.

But then, unexpectedly, the green returned in snippets.

Soon it filled the landscape, blotting out all the other colors.

A few months later, it was gone again. And dismal.

Rejoice, mourn, rejoice, mourn; those are the seasons for me here.

But ah, how I appreciate the green now, more than I ever did when I had it all the time, all those years ago.

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26 October 2014

Bowdoin College Bicycles

On a rainy day. Isn't this pretty?

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19 October 2014

Freeport, ME

My husband is on the lookout for a new winter coat. The one he's had, from L.L. Bean, is about fifteen years old and just isn't cutting it anymore - especially for keeping out the rain, ice, and snow.

So we went shopping today and while he looked at jackets in the NorthFace Outlet, I took photos out the second floor window with my phone.

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12 October 2014

Gettin Chilly

We were out working in the yard and saw several bumble bees, yellow jackets, and other assorted bees (that I can't name) all over this plant.

They were barely moving, and at first I thought they were all dead.

Surprisingly, we still haven't had our first freeze, but it's been cold at night - in the low 30s.

I blew on this guy to see what he would do, and he barely lifted a leg. But lift, he did.

You gotta hand it to them - toughing it out to the very end of the nice weather.

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05 October 2014

Fall Beach Day

My favorite time of year to be at the beaches in Maine.

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21 September 2014

Chile - Day Five - Cerro San Lucia

After the long day in Valparaiso, lovely as it was, I swore off hills. FOR GOOD.

So the very next morning, Molly took me to the pretty park just a block away from our hotel. Cerro San Lucia. Understand that CERRO is the Spanish word for HILL.

My biggest problem at this point was shin splints, so going UP the hill (sore as my feet and muscles might be) wasn't really the issue. But I didn't think of that as we were going up, because, I mean... JUST LOOK...

It was sort of like some type of medieval castle built into the hill. And STAIRS EVERYWHERE. So much UP!

But this too - - - LOVE. <3

It was so odd being right smack in the middle of downtown Santiago, with the large buildings, traffic and noises, but at the same time somehow transported back through time into an oasis of beauty and mystery.

Finally, we reached the summit.

And lo and behold, another stray dog. He was quite the trooper to come ALL the way up here!

For my sweet husband back home...

Looking back up toward the summit, we stopped in an area with statues and fountains, and there was even a snack stand, where we bought some Chilean Cheetos. Somehow they were different from American Cheetos. The bag looked the same but the Cheetos were more yellow than orange and tasted - less salty, perhaps. Just different.

We sat on a bench to rest with our water and Cheetos. As we chatted, we heard a low, guttural meow. Yes, we're cat lovers, but this was weird. And a little scary. Looking up, we saw a cat heading our way, trotting right toward our bench, meowing in that strange way. It jumped right up on the bench and began demanding Cheetos.

So we gave it some. We didn't really like them anyway.

After the Cheetos, Molly poured some water into a small indentation on the bench, and our friendly cat had a drink. And yes, it WAS very friendly. Not just a beggar, but an entertainer, as well.

After a while, we said good-bye to our new feline friend and headed down the long DOWNHILL path to the park entrance.

That view!

And this is where our photos end. After the park, we got pizza and went to the big fish market across the river.

Our last day.

It was bittersweet as we packed up to leave. Molly won't be back home in Maine until Christmastime. But what a privilege it was to see this place and to spend it all with her.

Saying it was unforgettable is an understatement. It changed me. I'm reeling from the things I learned and saw, only a fraction of which is in these photos and pages.

I imagine it will take months to unpack the information and sights swirling around in my head. And the time will be well spent.

Good-bye Molly and Good-bye Chile. I will miss you both.

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