14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day - A Love Story

If you live in the mid coast area of Maine, likely you are familiar with The Coastal Journal.

In recent weeks, I saw that the Coastal Journal has decided to bring back Date Night, a column in which local couples tell their love story - how they met, how far they've come, etc. To kick it off, they had a contest. The winner would receive a special Valentine's Day date night. I decided it was time to tell our story.

Yet I discovered that it was a challenge to put everything into the limit of only 600 words. I wrote it. And then I cut and chopped and edited, and took a lot out. But in the end, what I had was all that was needed.

Last week I was notified about the winners.

Yesterday, this is what was published. Weren't we surprised!

The Coastal Journal Valentine's Day Issue

Happy LOVE day to you and yours. And yes, it's still snowing here in Maine. With no end in sight. But hey, love is in the air. :)

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Janet said...

I just saw that yesterday, but didn't realize it was you. Congrats.

Paulla said...

Thanks, Janet. :)