20 February 2014

Snowy Sunrise

After yet another snow last night (only 3 inches - for the win!) I looked outside this morning to a perfectly clear sky.

Lacing up my boots, I decided to walk to the field down the road. Each morning I see the sunrise from my kitchen window - or rather, some semblance of it through the trees. But this clear morning required a close-up look.

The road was crunchy and clean with freshly plowed snow.

And the field was as pretty as I'd hoped, although clearly others had had the same idea as me. Yet there was fresh snow in the tracks, so I assume I was the first one in the field that morning.

The moon was still up. It looks like the one in Harold and the Purple Crayon. Maybe it went along with me, like it did Harold.

Morning mist.

Deer tracks

Such silent, still beauty.

Here it comes...

It hit the tree tops before it got to me.

There it is!

Last look at more deer tracks below the rising sun. Wow, what a world we live in!

Copyright © 2014 - Paulla Estes

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