22 February 2014

Sunny Saturday Showshoeing

Oh what a day it was!

I left my house to go walking this morning, but thought better of it when I slid halfway down our very flat driveway. Instead, I went back inside to use the treadmill.

Then my friend, Becky, asked me to go snowshoeing.

Becky lives three miles away, by car. But she lives only a half mile away if one takes one of the many trails through the woods around our town. So we planned to meet on the trail and go from there.

As I walked down my driveway, this time wearing boots, I gingerly stepped across the ice, slowly and carefully. And BAM my feet came out from under me and I came down hard.


After entertaining the neighbors with a shouted expletive (I'll spare you here), I got up, brushed myself off, and hobbled on over to the trail. Thankfully, it didn't take long for the hurt to go away, though I'm sure I'll be limping around tomorrow.


This is what we saw...

What a beautiful place to live.

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