25 February 2014

Wintry Beach

It was a frigid day on the beach.

Of course on such days, there are few fellow beach goers.

We had the place to ourselves.

My friend brought her two dogs and we watched them frolic in the freezing water as we braved the winds for a long, low-tide walk.

No worries. This guy doesn't have the mange, nor was he caught in an unfortunate fire. For whatever reason, his summer haircut never grew back quite right. We had many laughs at his expense, but he good naturedly laughed along.

It was terribly cold, but even on this day, the beach had a bleak sort of beauty.

When the clouds moved in and our legs were numb from the wind, we crunched back through the icy sand and headed home.

Copyright © 2014 - Paulla Estes


sue z said...

Uh oh. Do I look like a bad dog mommy to have my boy out in the frigid weather with no hair?????
Lucky he has a good sense of humor and could ignore your amusement at his sorry condition. I have already promised to never never never get him another summer cut. What an amazing, beautiful day to walk the sands of Popham Beach!!!!!!

Paulla said...

No! Not a bad dog mommy! He had a blast. :)