01 April 2014

Skewed Sense of Time

It's April 1st.

The first day of Spring passed by on my calendar well over a week ago, yet since then we've had temps in the single digits, freezing rain, and yesterday two inches of snow.

Today the sun is shining, Spring winds are blowing (though it's still only in the low 30s) and the sky LOOKS like Springtime.

Just don't look down. There's still quite a lot of snow and ice on the ground and all the trees are bare.

And I realized something this morning.

Three months from now we will be in July. July 1st. Somehow, that doesn't seem so far off - even though the view out our Maine windows will look vastly different by then.

That's the part that puzzles me. Looking back three months, it was January 1st. That seems an eternity ago. And I know that in January, looking forward toward April is nothing short of depressing. The long, cold months loom ahead like a prison sentence, and though the sun will shine differently in the sky, we know the view out our windows in April won't be much different.

I suppose it all comes down to hope and change. We hope for warmer days and greener scenery, and we know the change is coming. July will be here before we know it, and then the colors of October, and then BAM, we're back to looking out at snow, ice, and barren trees.

And that skewed sense of time.

Wow, that's really not where I was going with this.

But here we are. Let's hear it for Springtime and putting the ice and snow of winter behind us once again.

Well, eventually. :)

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Dody Kane said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blog. We are moving to Dexter in June from Los Angeles! It's going to be a great adventure!

Paulla said...

Thank you Dody - that's a big change. And I understand it, as we came from San Diego more than 15 years ago. I think you'll love it! :)