25 May 2014

Sunny Day in Boston

We drove to Boston for the day, just to soak in the sights, the lovely Spring weather, and to show around a friend who'd never been there.

We pretty much camped out in the North End for most of the day, because... well, have you been there? It's my favorite part of Boston. We walked part of the Freedom Trail down to Boston Commons, and took in some of the sites along the way...

One of the really cool things was a show outside Quincy Market. If you've ever been there, you've seen the jugglers, the acrobats, and various other performers who invite members of the audience to participate.

In this one, four audience members had to touch their toes while the guy in the photo ran and FLIPPED over them.

As if this weren't spectacle enough, while we were watching, I spotted this on the building above us.... terrifying!

Later, while walking through the Commons, we came upon a guy in a placard who was giving out "Free Safety Advice." My daughter, her boyfriend and my friend had a chat with him and found out he was none other than Devin McCourty of the New England Patriots.

As you can see from the photos, my daughter was wearing a Denver Broncos sweatshirt (yes, she makes me proud!) and this fact was not lost on Mr. McCourty. The following conversation ensued after he offered us a free meat thermometer...

McCourty - Always make sure you heat meat to the proper temperatures for safe eating.

My Snappy Daughter - Great, thank you!

McCourty - .... I mean, unless you're cooking for the Denver Broncos, of course.

My Snappy Daughter - Aw, it's ok. They'd still beat the Patriots in the AFC Championship.

McCourty - OUCH!

My Snappy Daughter - Too soon? ;)

We had some good laughs and then a few weeks later, found this video - you can find our tiny moment of Boston fame at minute 1:17...

You never know what you'll see in Boston!

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