25 June 2014

Doing My Part

I've been volunteering at a local pregnancy care center for a little over a year, and it's been eye-opening, among other things.

After thinking it over, I decided to write down my story, and the Times Record decided to print it for me.

Give it a read - you might be surprised at how these places work. :)

Click below to access:

The Times Record - Healthy Living Section - July, 2014 (page 12-13)

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21 June 2014

Semester Abroad!

As if all the wedding festivities weren't enough excitement for one summer, exactly five days after we returned from Arizona, our youngest daughter got on a plane for South America.

She will spend a month in Ecuador, two weeks traveling through Argentina and Uruguay, and then she will spend the fall semester in Chile, where she will go to school and live with a Chilean family.

Bon Voyage!

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09 June 2014

Arizona Wedding

From the cool Spring temps of coastal Maine to the scorching 100+ heat of the Arizona desert - we went to watch our son marry the girl of his dreams. And a dreamy time, it was.

We had dinner outside each night after the thermometer dropped into the 90s. And of course, we had amazing Mexican food every chance we got!

The daytimes were too hot to do much of anything other than stay inside, in air-conditioning. But we took sunrise walks when the temps were at their coolest - around 70.

As family and friends arrived, we met at various hotels, restaurants and homes for happy meals and lots of laughs!

The rehearsal dinner was Chipotle catered at a rented vacation home. As my birthday was the very next day (the wedding day) my sweet son and his bride-to-be surprised me with a gigantic cake sporting about a million candles.

And to my surprise, I got to share the birthday fun with Nikki - a friend of the bride - whose birthday was that same day. We managed to blow out ALL those crazy candles, and gave each other a breathless high five afterward!

OH! And we found a scorpion in our rented house when we got home later that night. No worries - the pic makes it look huge, but it was only about an inch long.

The wedding day turned out to be the coolest day of the week, temperature-wise. It was 106.

We had friends and family all together for the first time in years, and the whole thing was like something right out of a storybook.

The happy couple went to Mexico for their honeymoon and we are all excited as they begin their new life together.

This last photo pretty much sums it up...


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