31 July 2014

Estes Lobster House - Harpswell, Maine

Having the last name, Estes, has been interesting here in Maine.

We came from out west where our name does not have the long E at the end. It rhymes with Festus. Or asbestos.

Imagine our chagrin when everyone on the East Coast pronounced our name Esteeez. At first we resisted. Years passed and we got used to it. But when my husband's parents and aunt and uncle came for a visit and wanted to go to Estes Lobster House in Harpswell, because of the name, I had to laugh.

Mainers call it Esteeez Lobster House. We call is Estus (rhyming with asbestos) Lobster House.

Doesn't really matter in the end. The weather and food were perfect, and when you're dining on an outdoor patio having lobster in the summertime in Maine, does anything else really matter?

Here are my husband's Aunt Peggy and Uncle Neal under the sign bearing their name. By the way, I absolutely adore this couple. They are from Texas so we hardly ever see them (once every few years) but when we do, it is such a treat. They entertained us with stories of their cats who have names like Willie Nelson, Petunia, and the Pirate of Love. Neal and Peggy are hilarious and fun and we want to adopt them and keep them for our very own. Cats optional.

It was the perfect evening for dinner outdoors...

My husband's dad and brother are sitting together. See the resemblance? :)

Lobster Stew - Oh God, the best thing on the PLANET.

We watched the sunset and talked until it got dark. Then we took the long, winding road back to town and to reality. But wow, what an evening.

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