01 July 2014

Sunny Brunswick, Maine

Recently, a friend and I went to Brunswick for a very quick trip to the Farmer's Market on the Brunswick Mall.

But as we stopped at a bank drive-thru to make a deposit, her car stalled out.

In the drive-thru.

So, blocking traffic, we waited there for AAA to arrive and give her a jump start.

While waiting, we realized it was too nice a day to be busy. In fact, it was such a nice day that we blew off all our errands and work at home, and before we went to the farmer's market, we parked ourselves on the patio of Wild Oat's Bakery and had a leisurely lunch.

Afterward, we walked over to the market and bought what we needed, but we didn't rush. We lingered.

Most days we don't have the luxury of lingering.

But on a sunny summer day when the tourists and sun are out in force, sometimes plans just need to be changed.

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