26 August 2014

Squeezing in another Beach Day

After being out in the sun all summer and being VERY CAREFUL about sunscreen, tanning, etc., I spent five hours at Popham Beach today and got fried.

I'm still shocked.

I mean, a week ago I was out on the lake for several hours each day and only wore 15 SPF. Understand that I start every summer going to a tan salon for a few minutes each week, and wearing 70+ when I'm out in the sun. By August, though, I've toned it down, as it were.

So today I put on 30 SPF and came home with a sunburn. Ugh, hate that.

But oh, what a day!

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17 August 2014

Sunshine, Water and Friends

This is the one week out of the year that we unplug, unwind, and recharge. We put the Big Band music on the radio and let it waft out of the screened porch of our rented lake cottage. We sleep in, eat whatever we want, take naps, and sit in the sun. We drink wine, read books, and smile a lot.

It's the way a vacation should be.

For many years now we've been doing this, and each time I spend part of the week fretting that "it's never like this at home."

Well, duh.

That's why it's called a vacation. Now I take it for what it is and I don't expect home to feel like that (though I still wish it would!)

The water and weather were PERFECT...

Foggy mornings gave way to beautiful, sunny days...

We had friends who kayaked with us...

Friends in the trees... (we followed him - and he looks slightly annoyed in that last pic, don't you think?)

There were many boats, but not TOO many...

Our friends went on a sunset cruise with us...

Many fish were caught (and released). This 5+ pounder was a joyous sight and it was caught ON the actual 50th birthday!

The lake was peaceful...

One of our daughters came for a birthday visit and fished with her dear old dad...

And of course, the all-important birthday Margarita!


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10 August 2014

Vacation - At Long Last

We're spending a week on the Belgrades again this year and this is a big one, as we're celebrating my husband's 50th birthday.

Here's our first evening on the lake, where the colors change every 30 seconds.

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04 August 2014

A Weekend Drive up the Coast

Over the weekend, we made a mistake and decided to take a drive up Coastal Route One from Brunswick to Damariscotta.

Locals know better, and while we will never be natives, after 16 years we are certainly locals.

We didn't realize our mistake until we cruised through Woolwich, just past the Bath bridge, and suddenly, the traffic was bumper-to-bumper. And of course we drove our car that has a manual transmission. Shifting on hills in stop-and-go-traffic - just how I want to spend my Saturday afternoon!

And yes, I was driving. Thus all the complaints.

But we pressed on and the traffic lightened up, as always, on the long bridge just past Wiscasset.

On the street corner in Damariscotta, I found this guy just sitting on a bench, reading and writing, and the image conjured up visions of Ernest Hemingway. It was probably the hat.

Summer is all too short in Maine, and scenes like this, all too fleeting.

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02 August 2014

Walk to Merrymeeting Bay

That's one of the things I love about Maine - it has names like Merrymeeting and Eggemoggin and Meddybumps. It's as if we're living in a Dr. Seuss book.

But I digress.

Today I visited a friend who lives not far from the bay. She wanted me to come take a look at her gardens and then take a walk through the woods to the bay.

Let me just say that every time I go to her house I end up hating her just a little bit. Don't get me wrong, she is a VERY nice person and would do anything for anyone. She rescues animals and gives things to people and has a huge, kind heart.

But... her gardens.

She's one of those people you wouldn't describe as having a green thumb. She's got a GREEN ARM. Everything she touches not only grows and grows healthy, but grows HUGE and SPREADS and LOOKS FANTASTIC. Sometimes she even raises amazing flowers that she didn't plant. In her patch of corn that's huge, by the way, there is a wayward hollyhock growing large and spectacular.

See what I mean about the hate? I don't even have a green thumbnail. But I'm learning. And most of it is thanks to her. So I really can't hate her too much. :)

When I got there, I was greeted by her friendly, old cat, Shamus.

Then she gave me a tour of her garden. See??

After marveling over her amazingly HUGE and BRIGHT flowers, we leashed up her dogs and walked to the bay.

The tide was in so my friend's dogs enjoyed frolicking in the water while we sat and took in the view.

The walk back was peaceful and warm, yet I can't shake the constant awareness that summer is on its way out.


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