04 August 2014

A Weekend Drive up the Coast

Over the weekend, we made a mistake and decided to take a drive up Coastal Route One from Brunswick to Damariscotta.

Locals know better, and while we will never be natives, after 16 years we are certainly locals.

We didn't realize our mistake until we cruised through Woolwich, just past the Bath bridge, and suddenly, the traffic was bumper-to-bumper. And of course we drove our car that has a manual transmission. Shifting on hills in stop-and-go-traffic - just how I want to spend my Saturday afternoon!

And yes, I was driving. Thus all the complaints.

But we pressed on and the traffic lightened up, as always, on the long bridge just past Wiscasset.

On the street corner in Damariscotta, I found this guy just sitting on a bench, reading and writing, and the image conjured up visions of Ernest Hemingway. It was probably the hat.

Summer is all too short in Maine, and scenes like this, all too fleeting.

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