01 September 2014

Boat Ride to Boothbay Harbor

It's always a joy to make new friends, but it's really cool to make new COUPLE friends. That's not something we've ever really been good at doing. My husband and I have our own friends, and we like to do things just the two of us or with our kids.

Couple friends are a new thing for us and we like it. We like THEM.

Today we all took a boat ride from their home in Five Islands to Boothbay Harbor. I've driven to Boothbay a few times and it TAKES FOREVER. It's a lovely, but LONG drive.

But from Five Islands it was a 15 minute boat ride.

And much more scenic!

We saw all manner of birds, had lobster rolls (and lobster stew and oysters) at a picnic table next to the harbor, and walked around town a bit.

I even got to sneak into my favorite used bookstore and found a small stack of treasures.

It was sort of a last summer hurrah, as Labor Day is the official end of the summer season in Maine. (Although we have weather forecasted in the 80s all week and another friend and I are talking of squeezing in yet one more quick beach afternoon...?)

Anyway. Boothbay. Lovely place, especially from the vantage point of the water.

Copyright © 2014 - Paulla Estes


Tracey said...

I almost felt homesick for Nova Scotia looking at these photos. The weathered grey buildings and docks remind me of Pictou a bit.

I am wondering if there is an ugly part of Maine, haha ;) Everything just looks pretty.

You might think "winter's pretty ugly" haha but even snow has it's allure when you haven't experienced it for a while. ;)

Noah Shearer said...

There is just something magical and enchanting about the Maine coast. It just feels so alive. I really enjoyed your photographs. You are making me wish it was still summer. Although the Maine coast in the winter is still pretty spectacular. Just a little colder...unfortunately.