07 November 2014

The Green

The green is mostly gone.

The green is what I grieved when I left the West Coast many years ago and came to Maine in the fall.

It was lovely, magical, colorful. But also fleeting.

Soon, all was brown. Brown, grey, white, and dismal. It stayed that way for what seemed like such a long time.

The green was a distant memory and I hated it here.

I wanted to go back to my home of sunshine, blue skies, and green all year.

But then, unexpectedly, the green returned in snippets.

Soon it filled the landscape, blotting out all the other colors.

A few months later, it was gone again. And dismal.

Rejoice, mourn, rejoice, mourn; those are the seasons for me here.

But ah, how I appreciate the green now, more than I ever did when I had it all the time, all those years ago.

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